Our Company

QURE began its operations in January 2004 and quickly established itself as a premier research organization dedicated to addressing the research and training needs of organizations and individuals across the Caribbean region.

QURE is committed to providing our clients with superior service in the market and social research industry. Our primary goals are to provide:

  • Quality Service by enhancing customer relationships and engagement
  • Unique Value through innovative processes, products and services
  • Real-time Progression through effective planning, monitoring and control
  • Efficient Operations by streamlining processes and the organisation of effort

At QURE we are proud of our team of research specialists members whose skills are among the best in the region. We embrace every opportunity to sharpen our critical skills to effectively manage your business and provide you with the most relevant decision-enhancing tools needed for this fast-paced global world. Each team member is driven to continuously improving our customer relationships and developing innovative and superior products and services.

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Corporate Vision

To be the dominant market research institution in the region, providing innovative products and services for the benefit of our clientele, staff and other stakeholders and spearheading the appreciation of research within the wider society.

Corporate Mission

QURE is committed to providing superior customer value proactively through innovative products and services leveraging professional staff and efficient operations.

Corporate Values

QURE was founded on four core values which guides every aspect of our conduct within the research industry. These core values are:

  • Professionalism-In all our interactions with our clients and employees we seek to maintain a level of professionalism that achieves respect.
  • Quality-QURE will always strive to produce products and services that are always of a high and consistent quality that would add value to all end users.
  • Integrity-QURE will conduct all its affairs with the highest level of integrity to engender trust in all who use our service.
  • Personalised Service-QURE will continually strive to provide each client with individual personalised service to ensure his or her satisfaction.

Aero Services Credit Union Complex
Corner Orange Grove Road and the Priority Bus Route Tacarigua Trinidad W.I.